Robert Craig, son Mark, and Grandchildren, Austin & Bret. Craig Walling's Model A Ford, born in 1929, just like Grandpa.

Researching Our Family Genealogy

I first became interested in the genealogy of our family when I met Jane Tyler Craig Reichlein who lived on a farm outside of Roy, Washngton. My father, Ezra Craig, visited her on a couple of occasions when he was visiting us in Washington State. Ezra had obtained information from a few family members, but most of the information he provided was what he could remember. Jane had done considerable research, however, she had not published the results of her work. As a favor to my father, I compiled Jane's records (letters, notes, and copies of vital records) and printed a thirty-one page booklet, CRAIG FAMILY DATA, in 1961 which was given to a number of family members. Jane and her husband moved to Pearce, Arizona, where she died 15 April 1985. Her husband, David, had sent her records to a niece, Louie Friend, in W. Valley City, Utah, by the time I learned of her death.

My cousin, Bonieta Lou Craig, who lives in Hayes, Kansas, expanded the booklet by adding information about her immediate family and other family members who attended the family reunion held in Greenville, Kentucky, each year. The booklet had grown to almost 100 pages and was provided to many family members by Bonita.

After retiring from Boeing in 1986, my wife, Noreen, and I were able to spend much more time on genealogy and have done research in many of the locations where family members lived. During the course of this research I learned of the surname periodical CRAIG LINKS which was published by Martha Neil Craig in Twain Hart, Californaia, and thereby became acquainted with Ruth John Bower in Minerva, Ohio. Ruth had been an avid researcher of our family for something like 30 years. Her branch of our family settled in Ohio in the area where she lived. Information about this branch of the family, and early ancestors, is included in the publication HISTORY OF THE KING, ARMSTRONG AND ALLIED FAMILIES by Catherine Soleman Chandler and articles by Ruth John Bower published in CRAIG LINKS

The results of this offort would never be published if one waited to assure that there were not errors. There are errors and I would like to know if you find anything that needs to be corrected. Please contact me at the link belowif you have additions or corrections. I would very much appreciate this help.