DNA Test results for Craig Family

A work in progress

DNA test results for our Craig family can be found at: http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/craig/results where there are results for many families, mostly with the Craig surname. My DNA test is identified by the test number 140812, Robert K. Craig, and is included with Lineage Group 2 where their are several other families who are probably Craig cousins. One of these Craig families is originally found living in York County, PA, a generation younger than my James Craig ancestor in Delaware. Perhaps their James Craig is a nephew of James Craig of Delaware. However, since we know we have not had a common ancestor for the last 7 generations, there is only about a 30% probability that this is the case. The probability that we share a common ancestor within the last 14 generations is about 90%.

A great deal of information about the meaning of this DNA testing can be found on this Web page and links found on this page.

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