Cousins who are researching descendants of
James Craig and Jane Wetherow

1. William Craig and Deborah Holmes whose descendants include:

1.1 Capt. James Craig>Minerva Warner Craig (who married Robt. A. Campbell Jr.)

1.2 Capt. James Craig>both James H. Craig and Martha Ann Craig (who married David Craik)

1.3 Capt. James Craig>Melcina Craig (who married Levy Morris)

1.4 Jane Craig (who married Samuel Milbourne)

1.5 Elizabeth Craig (who married Bennett Armstrong)

1.6 Mary E.Craig (who married Jesse Milner)

1.7 Absalom>Wesley>Sarah Margaret Craig (who married Jabez G. Coulson)

2. Margaret Craig and Edward Cavins whose descendants include:

2.1 William Cavins>James Edward Cavins>Thomas Cavins>unknown Cavins

2.2 William Cavins>James Edward Cavins>John Edward Cavins>Stella Cavins (who m. Mordecai Turner Robinson)

2.3 William Cavins>James Edward Cavins>John Edward Cavins>Ernest Cavins>Varee Cavins (who m. Thomas W. Bland Jr.)

3. Daughter Craig who married John Combs.

4. Agnes Craig (who married Aaron Redman) whose descendants include:

4.1 Absolom Redman>Wesley Redman>Absolom Rice Redman>Nancy Jane Redman (who m. A. H. Walker)

4.2 Absolom Redman>Wesley Redman>David Madison Redman>Hoyden Sherman Redman, etc.

4.3 William Redman>James Redman>Oliver Morton Redman>Morse Earl Redman>Clarice Ada Redman (who m. Henry Brayton Magee)

4.4 Robert Redman>Durham Redman>Ulysses Redman>Ruth Pearl Redman (who married Carl Kays)

4.5 Robert Redman>Durham Redman>Ulysses Redman>Ruth Pearl Redman;Leonard Redman

4.6 John Redman>James Williams Redman>William Henry Redman>Robert M.Redman>Arthur Howe Redman

4.7 John Redman>Kitty Ann Redman (who married Micjah Wright Pollard)

4.8 Nancy Redman m. Wilson Clark > Emily Ann Clark who married John Henry Craig (see 8A3 below).

5. Robert Craig who married an unknown woman and settled in Green (now Adair) Co., KY, and married, second, Mrs. Mildred Grady. Robert's descendants include:

5.1 James Beaver Craig>Ann Tayler Craig(who married Cager Creel Yates)

6. Isabel Craig and Nathan Huddleston.

7. James Craig, Jr. and Rebecca Titus whose descendants include:

7.1 Jane Craig (who married Elijah Hatcher)

7.2 Nancy Ann Craig (who married Francis Gulick)

8. Samuel Craig and:

8A. Mary Hughes whose descendants include:

8A1. Helen Craig (who married Alexander Major, Jr.)

8A2. Mortimer Craig>Ellen Craig (who married Josiah Milby Carlisle)

8A3. Mary Ann Craig (who married William Combs)

8A4. John Henry Craig>Leroy Craig>Cora Lena Craig (who married Rev. Walter Clo Nash)

8A5. John Henry Craig>Mollie Craig (who married Robert C. Savage)

8B. Mary "Polly" Major whose descendants include:

8B1. Leroy Craig>Augustus G. Craig>Ezra Lue Craig

8B2. Leroy Craig>Augustus G. Craig>Lanora (who married John Bunyon Stuart)

8B3. Leroy Craig>Leroy Craig Jr.>Oscar Howard Craig

8B4. Leroy Craig>Hector C. Craig>Ada Belle Craig(who married Ellis Earle)

8B5. Christopher Columbus Craig>Azro T. Craig>James Thomas Craig>H. Curtis Craig

8B6. Christopher Columbus Craig>Samuel Franklin Craig>Jesse C. Craig>Delmar Craig>Delmar Craig Jr.

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