Ancestory of Polly Major Ancestory of Polly Major

Ancestors of Mary Major

Generation One

1. Mary1 Major (Alexander, #2); born circa 1804; married Samuel Craig, son of James Craig and Jane Wetherow, 22 Mar 1823 at Hopkins Co., KY;1,2 died after 1842.3

Generation Two

2. Alexander2 Major Sr. (James, #4); born 30 Sep 1756 at Philadelphia Co., PA;4 married Letitia Howell (see #3), daughter of William Howell Jr. and Letitia Lewis, 24 Dec 1787 at Fauquier Co., VA;5,6 died 27 Aug 1835 at Hopkins Co., KY, at age 78.7

Children of Alexander2 Major Sr. and Letitia Howell (see #3) were as follows:

3. Letitia2 Howell (William, #6); born 1763 at VA;24 married Alexander Major Sr. (see #2), son of James Major and Mary Paulin, 24 Dec 1787 at Fauquier Co., VA;25,26 died circa 1820 at Hopkins Co., KY.27,28

Generation Three

4. James3 Major;29 buried at Frederick Co., MD; married Mary Paulin (see #5) 8 May 1744 at 1st Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia Co., PA; married Ann Eve Greathouse 18 Sep 1775 at 1st Presbyterian Church, Baltimore Co., MD; died Nov 1795 at Frederick Co., MD.

Children of James3 Major and Mary Paulin (see #5) were as follows:

5. Mary3 Paulin; died; married James Major (see #4) 8 May 1744 at 1st Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia Co., PA.

6. William3 Howell Jr. (William, #12); married Letitia Lewis (see #7) at VA; born 1725 at Frederick Co., VA;30 died 1779 at Army camp, Frederick Co., VA.31

Children of William3 Howell Jr. and Letitia Lewis (see #7) were as follows:

7. Letitia3 Lewis; born at VA;44 died at VA;45 married William Howell Jr. (see #6), son of William Howell, at VA.

Generation Four

12. William4 Howell; died circa 1747 at Frederick Co., VA.

Children of William4 Howell include:

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